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2015 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was a success. A full slate of officers was elected, a few administrative items were addressed, some educational seminars held, and several speakers were heard. Hope everyone had a good time.

Please thank our sponsors:

Final 2014 Bylaws posted
The Final bylaws, as adopted at the February 15, 2014 Annual Meeting, have been posted.

July newsletter posted
The July NMSSA newsletter can be found here. If you would like to submit material for the next newsletter please contact the Newsletter Editor.

Finalized bylaws posted
The Association bylaws, as adopted at the Annual Meeting February 15, 2014, have been posted.

Message from NMSSA President Gayle Dye
President's Message

Greetings NMSSA Members,

I thank each of you for your support in allowing me to lead the NMSSA in 2014. Our state association is well on its way to regaining the respect and vibrance it possessed in years past.

In these days of anti-gun sentiments, it is our job to teach the general public that guns can be safe and fun. Most of us are competitive shooters and understand that safety is first, foremost, and always the most important part of competition, hunting, and plinking.

We must also reach out to the hundreds of thousands of gun owners in New Mexico to remind them that there are those who wish to disarm us completely. We have a duty to our forefathers to protect our constitutional rights for ourselves, our children, and the the generations to come.

While we continue to protect our rights, we must also begin to train the next-generation of shooters and gun owners. We must reach out to the juniors of this state to help them become knowledgeable and safe gun enthusiasts. Women and minorities are also a growing segment of gun owners who need training and opportunities to improve their skills.

NMSSA has a tremendous opportunity to lead New Mexicans in meeting these goals. We need members who will write to our state legislators to let them know your opinions concerning proposed laws and we need dedicated folks who will attend meetings and travel to Santa Fe when faces need to be seen by the lawmakers. We need members who will help fund our efforts. We need you!

I ask each of you to bring one new member into NMSSA in 2014. I ask each of your to forward emails concerning pro-gun rights to colleagues and friends and invite them to join our ranks. I urge you to look for opportunities to sponsor matches and training for youth groups.

My goals for 2014 include visiting with as many gun clubs as I can to recruit new members and arrange fun and competitive matches. We need to grow our membership by a solid 10 precent - and more if we can. I want to sponsor youth awards for outstanding New Mexico shooters in all disciplines. Our pistol and rifle chairs want to encourage sharing of match information, and increase the number of fun shoots and competitive shoots across the state. We also want to learn how we can best serve the many shooting disciplines to help each grow and prosper. We cannot meet our goals without your help.

In return for your support, we will make sure you get electronic newsletters and emails that are informative as well as necessary to keep you informed of the gun rights' issues in New Mexico and, where appropriate, the rest of the country. NMSSA's success depends on you. We need you!

Gayle Dye

If you didn't receive this via email from NMSSA in March please send your email address to the NMSSA webmaster so you can be added to the distribution for future communications.

News around the world

New Officers
The Contacts page has the full list of officers of the association, but here are the new elected officers:
PresidentGayle Dye
Vice-PresidentLen Stans
TreasurerJohn Fugedy
Recording SecretaryKen Nicholson
Membership SecretaryAaron Strasburg

Many thanks to the previous officers!

Donate to NMSSA
If you'd like to make a donation to the NMSSA please click on the Donate button at right. You can use either a PayPal account or a credit card. Thank you.

Message from NMSSA VP Gayle Dye
Greetings Members of New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA),

My name is Gayle Dye and I am the new Vice President of NMSSA. New officers were elected to the NMSSA Board at the end of April. Our new President is Len Stans. A list of all other officers can be found on the "Contacts" page of our NMSSA website. I will introduce each of the Board members in future messages.

The message that we heard over and over from the members who attended the annual meeting was that the leadership has not been communicating with the membership. The new leaders are going to fix that.

In order to get NMSSA off of life support, we need the following:

  • If you know of any of our members who may have moved, please let me know.
  • If some of your shooting pals have changed email addresses lately, please let me know.
  • If you know of an NMSSA member who has passed on (regretfully), please let me know.
  • If your annual membership has expired, please renew it (http://www.nmssa.org/membership.htm) - you can renew for multiple years if you prefer.
  • If you are a life member or annual member, please consider making a donation to NMSSA (see PayPal Donate button at right) as our bank account is also on life support and it takes money to get things started again!
  • Bring in a new member. Membership forms can be found at (http://www.nmssa.org/membership.htm). Get folks excited again about shooting and protecting our rights.
  • As you may remember, NMSSA has specific goals in our Bylaws (www.nmssa.org).

In addition to promoting the shooting sports and safety, Section 4 of our Bylaws states:

SECTION 4. To serve as the Official State Association of the National Rifle Association of America, and to cooperate with other organizations of good repute in carrying out activities of mutual benefit.

Section 4 means that NMSSA must work with the New Mexico legislature in protecting our Second Amendment rights. If we cannot ensure our gun rights for the pursuit of self-protection and sporting activities, there will be no need for NMSSA as there will be no guns to protect with or to have fun with. Some folks may think that since HB77 was defeated in the 2013 legislative session, New Mexico residents are home free - but we are not. The 2014 legislative session is supposed to be a short session dealing with funding issues. However, the anti-gun folks have managed to get HB77 resurrected and is being considered/reviewed in an upcoming committee session. See the item immediately above for more details.

NMSSA Mission
Since there appears to be some confusion on the mission of NMSSA, which includes far more than just legislative issues, here is the relevant detail from the by-laws of the association:

    The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which has the following purposes:
    SECTION 1. To promote social welfare and public safety, law and order, and the national defense; to educate and train citizens of good repute in the safe and efficient handling of small arms, and in the technique of design, production and group instruction; to increase the knowledge of small arms and promote efficiency in the use of such arms on the part of members of law enforcement agencies, of the armed forces and of citizens who would be subject to service in the event of war; and to encourage the lawful ownership and use of small arms by citizens of good repute.
    SECTION 2. To promote good sportsmanship; and to foster the conservation and wise use of our renewable wildlife resources.
    SECTION 3. To promote competitive shooting events.
    SECTION 4. To serve as the Official State Association of the National Rifle Association of America, and to cooperate with other organizations of good repute in carrying out activities of mutual benefit.
    SECTION 5. To coordinate and encourage the efforts of member clubs, individuals and the general public in the fields of firearms safety, marksmanship training and recreational shooting.

NRA ILA Daily News
The NRA ILA has a couple of great websites to get regular updates on firearms rights issues. You can sign up for their daily emails or check out the latest news and issues.
NRA ILA Daily News

Colorado news
In case you were unclear about the dangers posed by the so called "universal background checks", look no further than our neighbors to the North. There flood victims are avoiding prosecution for storing their legally owned firearms with friends and families only at prosecutorial discretion. More details here.

NM YHEC update
The 23rd annual Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) was held May 31st to June 2nd at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. 178 competitors participated in this year's event. The International YHEC event was also held at Whittington in July. Details on both events and plans for next year here.

NM YHEC has a website (which can also be found under the Organizations section in the left column.

NMSSA Board Meeting
The full Board met Saturday, Aug 24, at 8am. Agenda items included general business, and the committee to propose amendments to the bylaws. Contact any officer if you have comments or questions.

Law Enforcement Survey
PoliceOne.com released the results of an extensive survey of active and retired law enforcement officers. The results make it clear that law enforcement does not support "gun control". Summary and Details.

Competition updates
NMSSA member Lew Wurdeman has created a new site to collect information about shooting sports around the state. See it at newmexicoshootingsports.com

The NM Tech Shooting Sports Club, Sandia Gun Club, and Socorro Gun Club held the NM Smallbore Rifle Metric Prone State Championship in Albuquerque June 1-2. Ginger McLemore was the overall winner, followed closely by Wes Shumaker. Match results

The NM Tech Shooting Sports Club, Capitan Gun Club, and Socorro Gun Club held the NM Smallbore Rifle Conventional Prone State Championship in Capitan June 22-23. Ginger McLemore was the overall winner, followed closely again by Wes Shumaker. Match results

Great news from Santa Fe
The Santa Fe City Council defeated a bill that would have prohibited standard capacity magazines. This is a great win for gun rights supporters.

NRA update here, Albuquerque Journal update here

Contact information updated
Contact info for the new officers has been posted

Click Here to view the Association Contacts page

Current NMSSA by-laws

The proposed by-law changes were not adopted at the annual meeting. The current by-laws are posted below.

Click Here to Download and Review


Rule Change Allowing Concealed Carry in State Parks Takes Effect Today

Posted on January 1, 2013

 The State Parks Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department formally adopted rule changes to Section of the New Mexico Administrative Code, which include a removal of the ban on concealed handgun licensees from New Mexico and reciprocal states carrying loaded handguns in state parks.  This new rule also allows for the possession of firearms in private motor vehicles or other conveyances that are parked in, or traveling through, state parks.

These new rules take effect today, January 1, 2013.

Please click here to read this adopted rule under "Firearms and Bows."

Thank you to NRA members who contacted the Department in favor of this adopted rule change since public comment submitted overwhelmingly supported this policy change.  We also express our appreciation to state Representative Zach Cook (R-Ruidoso), who sponsored legislation in past sessions of the New Mexico Legislature to repeal this restriction, and to Governor Susana Martinez (R) for her administration's support and leadership on this issue.


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A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Article Two of the Bill of Rights, ratified December 15, 1791 as the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The NMSSA DOES NOT endorse candidates running for any office nor can any individual member offer an endorsement for the organization.
If you are a candidate and would like to provide our members with information regarding your stance on firearm issues, please contact our newsletter editor at the address below. All candidates are welcome.

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